Someone Told Me To Write

Like most first blogposts, this is basically just an introduction. I’ve always been sort of a writer- used to write poems and love letters and random things. I express myself better in writing. I haven’t shared or even written anything in years so I’m a bit rusty. I hope it’s like riding a bike or sex- you know, you never really forget when it’s been a while and you just ease back into it. Anyway, I have a lot of opinions and just general thoughts I wish to share. Twitter used to be the place to do that, but it has proven to be inadequate in some ways. So someone suggested I start writing again and here I am!

A little about myself. I’m a twenty-something year old Nigerian woman, I live in Abuja. I like dogs and long walks in the park (lol jk). But seriously, I like puppies. I’m going to be writing about the complexities of dating in the city, being a modern Nigerian woman and general musings on life and popular culture. I sincerely hope I don’t suck at this.